794 is the number of podcasts that Foster has, available on Spotify, recorded in batches of 7 / week, and that reach the ears of more than 10 million Brazilians.

What started in a natural and timid way is, 5 years later, a profitable, well-structured business that brings value, in the form of practical and accessible English courses, to more than 10,000 students.

Foster was born in the state of South Carolina in the USA. He graduated from the University of the South with a diploma of honor in International Relations and Spanish. He also has an international MBA from the Darla Moore School of Business where he graduated with honors.

After his studies he worked with international education, in NGOs and as a teacher, taking him to different parts of the world such as Spain, New York, Guatemala, and Brazil.

Nowadays, he lives in Porto with his partner Alexia and their dog, Buddy.

This team (Buddy included!) Has been established in the CRU cowork since 2019.

What led you to create the Naked and Raw English?

In fact, at the beginning, we started with our other podcast, Carioca Connection. I was in Rio de Janeiro after taking an International MBA. During my master’s degree I realized that I liked the “international” part more than the “MBA”.During my master’s degree I realized that I liked the “international” part more than the “MBA”. I knew that I didn’t want a normal job, or rather, a normal life. But, I listened to a lot of podcasts, knew how to produce audios, and wanted to improve my Portuguese.

Then alexa enters the story…

A few weeks after meeting her, I asked if she wanted to create a podcast with me, and she (I still don’t know why) agreed.

We started with the same format as another podcast that taught me to speak Spanish, Notes in Spanish. The idea was simple. An American learning Portuguese in a natural and fun way, through conversation with Alexia.

We had a bit of success, but few people listened to Carioca Connection in the beginning. People liked the content very much, but the audience was small and it was not a profitable business. During my stay in Rio, everyone wanted to learn English. And then we think, are we doing it the other way around? We followed the same format, only this time I was teaching Alexia, and then born the Inglês Nu E Cru. Almost 5 years later, English Nu E Cru is one of the most popular educational podcasts in Brazil and Carioca Connection continues to teach thousands more people about the language and culture of Brazil.

Concentration vs procrastination… what is your recipe for productivity?

To be honest, I don’t have a prescription. I’ve done everything – working hard, working less, every imaginable ‘productivity hacks’ and it’s still work in progress.

Who are your superheroes in the field of e-learning and podcasting? what superpowers do they have?

Ben Curtis and Marina Diaz from Notes In Spanish. They inspired me to create our first podcast and continue to inspire me. They have a mix of authenticity, simplicity, and fun that is difficult to find in the area.

Craig Mod is my favorite writer at the moment and is an example who may have the smallest niche in the world and still have a viable business.

What ways do you find to activate your brand and make your audio reach your customers’ ears?

Above all, podcasts. We recorded a lot (almost 7 episodes a week), so we have a lot of content on a channel that is still relatively small and emerging. Our marketing has always been word of mouth. People like what we do and tell others.

Who else is part of the Naked and Raw English project? How do you share your tasks and responsibilities?

We are three Me, Alexia, and Felipe. In the first three years, it was just me and Alexia. At that time, we did a little bit of everything. Nowadays, Alexia and I do the creation and production of podcasts. I do most of the creation for our courses. Alexia is responsible for social media and the support of our customers. Felipe does the editing and maintains our website.

Remember one of your proudest professional moments

When Nu E Cru English was recognized as one of the ten best podcasts of the year with a woman as a presenter.

How do you see the growth and scale of your project in the coming years?

I know that podcasts will continue to grow. Online education, too, will continue to evolve. I see our schools as a combination of these two worlds. I don’t know what role we are going to have in this story but, I’m glad we are going to participate.

What technology do you need?

We use a website called Podia for our courses. ConvertKit for our email marketing. A Zoom H4N to record podcasts. With technology, the simpler the better.

Who is Foster when he’s not working?

When I’m not working, you can usually find me playing with our dog, Buddy, playing music, or walking in nature. I’m happier when I can do all three at the same time.

What tips or advice would you leave for someone starting out in your area?

You already have something to teach. When we started Nu E Cru English, I didn’t consider myself an “English teacher.” Now, almost ten million Brazilians have been listening to our audios. You already know more about something than most people – share your passion, help people, and success will find you. Oh, and you must understand the concept of “1,000 true fans” and start a podcast today.


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Text: Tânia Santos Edition: Rossana Fonseca Photos: Courtesy Foster