A new CRU space dedicated to product, portrait or model photography, equipped with professional material.

28m2 (4,60 x 6,00 x 2,50m)

3.5 sqm dressing room with make-up area

Lounge 25 square metters


9:30 am till 7:30 pm, Monday to Friday (other times under budget)


3 spotlights with the possibility of installing 2 softboxes, oval reflector with white, black, translucent, gold and silver sides; 2.70m wide black, gray and white paper background, translucent background, with the possibility of anterior or posterior lighting, white table and other studio utensils (color filters, springs, etc.).

Material included in the Basic Kit + 3 flash light projectors with the possibility of installing 2 rectangular softboxes; giraffe tripod; access to the entire collection of 16 paper, fabric and vinyl backgrounds / backdrops


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extra hours

8 hours

Basic Kit




kit pro




In addition to the values presented, VAT in force is added.

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Conditions & Frequently Asked Questions

.RESERVATION . - 1 - Q: How far in advance should I reserve the space? A: As far in advance as possible, in order to guarantee that the space is free. The minimum anticipation is 48h. - 2 - Q: How should I proceed to make a reservation? A: Reservations are made through the booking form ("RESERVE" button), where you can check the calendar with the space's availability and make the payment. - 3 - Q: Can I visit the studio before booking the space? A: Normally yes. However, this visit must be scheduled by email because we do not guarantee availability for unscheduled visits. - 4 - Q: If necessary, is it possible to extend the session beyond the scheduled time? A: Yes, it is possible, as long as it is verified that the space is free and upon payment of the extra hours. - 5 - Q: Can I make more than one reservation on the same day? And request different kits? A: Yes, it's possible. You can request a certain number of hours with a pro kit and another with a basic kit. - 6 - Q: Is it possible to rent the studio outside opening hours, on Sundays or holidays? A: Yes, as long as the availability of the space/equipment is confirmed and upon payment of an additional 50% on the value of each hour outside normal business hours. - 7 - Q: How is payment made? A: Payment is made by MBWay, Stripe, Paypal or Bank Transfer, options available on the booking form. - 8 - Q: In case I need to cancel the reservation or postpone it to a new date, how should I proceed? A: Just send an e-mail. Up to two weeks in advance, the refund is made in full. With less than two weeks, 50% of the amount paid is charged. If cancelled with less than 5 working days or no-show, there is no refund. Postponing the date is possible, subject to space availability. . USE . - 9 - Q: Is there anyone available as an editing or studio assistant? A: Yes, someone from our technical team will set up the studio beforehand and give a 15-minute introduction to the equipment. If it's the first time you use the studio, it's a good idea to have that time at the beginning of the session. During the session, our service does not include assistance or monitoring, so you should request this service separately, if you wish. - 10 - Q: How can I request a production or lighting assistant? A: Just send us an email with your request, at least 48 hours before the session. We will check the availability of our technicians. The cost of this service is 12,50€/hour +VAT. - 11 - Q: Is it possible to request the photo editing service? A: Yes, we have that extra service. Ask us for an estimate by e-mail. - 12 - Q: Can I bring my own equipment and combine it with the studio's? A: Yes, as long as the compatibility between them is guaranteed. - 13 - Q: Can I use the studio for other purposes besides photography or video sessions? A: The studio was designed for these uses. If you have other needs, please contact us by email and we will evaluate the suitability of the space for your activity. - 14 - Q: What is the studio's capacity? A: The studio has 28m2, but you also have access to a changing room with 3,50m, 2 WC and a waiting/lounge/catering area with 25m2. We would say that you can feel comfortable with a team of up to 10 or 12 people, maximum. - 15 - Q: Does the studio close for lunch? A: No, the studio is open from 9:30am to 7:30pm, Monday through Saturday. - 16- Q: Is there a catering or dining area? A: There is an area, adjacent to the work room, with an area of 25m2 suitable for catering or meals on wheels. - 17 - Q: Can I bring pets to the session? A: Pets are not allowed in the studio, with the exception of guide dogs or if they are part of the elements to be photographed. - 18 - Q: How should I leave the studio after use? A: The studio must be left in exactly the same condition as it was found, both in terms of general cleanliness and equipment organization. - 19 - Q: What happens in case of any damage to the equipment or space? A: A liability agreement is signed which commits the user to reimburse the studio for any damage, whether accidental or due to negligence.

Covid-19 Information

The use of a mask is mandatory whenever technically possible.
All of our spaces are sanitized (air and surfaces) before and after use, using ozone sterilization technology.
The studio is also equipped with an air purifier, which continuously filters 99% of the polluting particles, allergens and viruses.