CRU is an independent creative hub, located in the heart of Porto’s artistic quarter – Miguel Bombarda.

It all started in 2012, the fruit of a bold dream and with an innovative collaborative model. CRU was imagined as an epicenter of talented and motivated people, whose daily conviviality would enable the empowerment of an energetic and creative community. As a space where creatives from all backgrounds could work (cowork), exhibit (gallery) and sell (store) their work, CRU became a platform for launching and following independent brands and authors and, at the same time, a haven for all those seeking an environment of creative immersion.

In addition to the work space, CRU is integrated by a gallery, store, photography and audio recording studio, design kiosk and café open to the public, complemented by meeting spaces.

Integrated in the city’s creative ecosystem, CRU assumes itself as an agent of production and transmission of knowledge, either through its cultural and training programming, or through its attitude of awareness around artistic creation, seeking to respond to the main needs and aspirations of the creative class, with the respective social impact.


TheMelting Pot of skills that we want to represent figure in our team. From psychology to music, from fine arts to computer science, from economics to photography, we form a group of people with transdisciplinary and flexible profiles, but with a common will. Support the creatives, value them, so that they can thrive in their professional activities.

Tânia Santos

Founder / Director

Miguel Ferreira

Co-Founder / Community and Recording Studio Manager

Virgínia França

Store Manager

Rossana Mendes Fonseca

Cru Gallery Curator | Head of Communication

Filipa Moredo

Head of Marketing

CRU is made up of about 40 creatives who work daily in our space. In addition to the 50 brands represented in our store, our community has about 100 people and our network exceeds 250. This network includes coworkers, designers and entrepreneurs, partners, experts and trainers, in constant and renewed collaboration with us.

We are mostly freelancers and solopreneurs in the cultural and creative industries. Design, architecture, photography, illustration, directing, journalism, translation, marketing, software development, and video are some of the activities we have here. However, our ecosystem is diverse and is also made up of professionals from the spheres of business development, technology, and social sciences.